Feels Like Home Compilation Vol. 1 now available on iTunes and Amazon!

CoverAfter so many people asked for a digital version we decided to bring it out on Amazon and iTunes as well. Still you can get the paperbooklet – CD – version at our Tour and also soon on Amazon.

Here for now are the links to iTunes and Amazon:

iTunes: http://snip.ftpromo.net/feelslike

Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Feels-Like-Home-Compilation-Vol/dp/B00NLJD6SK

First of all we want cordially thank all our artists for donating a song! Additionally Fred and Frank from Arctic Rodeo Recordings to set up the compilation, Hans for mastering, Stefan for the great artwork, Christian Maas from Cargo for distributing and everyone else who supported us to make it work.


Artist / Song:

1. A Great Big World – This Is The New Year (Album Version)

2. Ari Hest – Less (Acoustic Version)

3. Molly Jenson – Little Bit (Acoustic Version)

4. Van Risseghem – Good Times (Acoustic Version)

5. Jay Nash – Lights Come (Acoustic Version)

6. Florian Ostertag – Seasons of Monsoon (EP Version)

7. Chris Trapper – Lonely Valentine (Live Acoustic Version)

8. Steve Moakler – On Your Side (Album Version)

9. Helgi Jonsson – Aurora ( EP Version)

10. Greg Holden – Untitled (Acoustic Album Version)

11. Andy Davis – Every Inch (EU-Premiere Version)

12. Echorev – Shadow King

13. Ben Rector – Forever Like That (Album Version)

14. Matt Hires – I’m On Your Side (Acoustic Version)

15. Andrew Belle – Wants What It Wants (Album Version)

16. Jonatha Brooke – You & I

17. Jacob Brass – Into Your Heart

18. Philipp Poisel – Wie Soll Ein Mensch Das Ertragen (Acoustic Version)

19. Garrison Starr – The Train That’s Bound For Glory (Album Version)

20. Jonas David – Running (Previously Unreleased)


The proceeds will go to our social projects.

Here you can see who joined Feels Like Home on tour so far and which projects the proceeds went to in the past.



Johannes & Dannie


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